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Are you new pregnant? Then this article is for you. Pregnancy is the best moment of every woman’s life. This is a time for pregnant mothers to enjoy and be very careful. For the first time being a mother, this feeling is a bit different, mixed with some joy and some fear. For this, your husband or partner can be your best friend. Here are pregnancy tips for the first time mom.pregnancy tips for the first time mom

pregnancy tips for the first time mom: signs of pregnancy

When you find out the news of pregnancy, one month has already passed and you have missed your period. There is nothing to be done. At this time you should try to keep a good mind. Watch a good movie, listen to music, invite friends to your house, and do yoga. Give some useful tests.


At this time, if you wake up in the morning, you will feel a lot of fatigue, so eat fresh water and dry food first the fatigue will go away a lot.


Vomiting is a problem that most women experience early in pregnancy. After the first 3 months, it heals on its own and may have many more. Eat foods that are easily digested to stop vomiting. Eliminate fast food. Because at this time your digestive power is weakened. Eat more without eating at once. You may take the smell of lemon or orange or take medicine as well as the doctor’s suggestion Tell your doctor that vomiting is more common if you have liver or stomach problems.

pregnancy tips for the first time mom daily routine:

Pregnancy mom diet plan:

Make a diet plan at the beginning. For example, drink at least 3 liters of water throughout the day and eat plenty of vegetables and fibrous foods, especially vegetables of different colors. Eat fish or meat twice a day. Eat foods rich in folic acids, such as green leafy vegetables, because folic acid is very important for yourself and your child’s brain development.

Heavy work:

Exclude any kind of heavy work during this time. There is a risk of miscarriage. Do not eat pineapple papaya as well as melted cheese and semi-cooked protein foods. Eat cooked food as much as possible.


During pregnancy, do not just lie down, do the exercise, walking regularly. This will benefit your delivery. However, you must do useful exercises during pregnancy.


Sleeping is very important during the pregnancy period. Every day try to sleep at least 8-10 helps your baby proper healthy growth


In the first month of your pregnancy, do not bathe in hot water at all. Bathing in water with a temperature higher than your body temperature can cause problems in the growth and development of the baby


Always wear comfortable loose clothing, especially clothing that puts pressure on the lower abdomen.


For the first three months and the last three months try not to travel far and those who have had an abortion or miscarriage before are strictly forbidden.


Sexual intercourse after pregnancy is not forbidden but it is better not to do it in the first and last trimester as there is a risk of miscarriage. The middle time should be done in such a way that there is no pressure to get it in a normal position.


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